Would you believe...

I grew up in northern Michigan in the 60's. Resort world... very white, Wonderbread, beaches (white sand), pine trees (white), plenty o'snow, thunderstorms and did I mention white?

I came home to Technicolor San Francisco in 1975. I spent the first summer walking my sheet of slides around to galleries. I was blown off everywhere I went. I was so nervous I don't remember if it hurt or not. I put the slides in a drawer and started again.

The paintings on this website are examples of my activities during the time between the two photographs.

Things I know for sure...

I live and work just outside of San Francisco, California.
I like it because it is spring all year round.
I don't have to cross any bridges to get to the city.
The people I know tend to work at art rather than talk about it.
I like baseball better than football.
I prefer poker to chess.
I am always surprised that I look so much older than I feel.